The Village of Greendale

So ask the question, how great can a community be without strong, fairly-minded, goal-oriented, and results-driven schools for its children?

According to Greendale's own website our Village is described as a place where...

..."residents enjoy lush green spaces, outstanding municipal services, thriving businesses and a highly rated school district. Community members are active in many local civic organizations, church groups and school committees where they volunteer their time and talents for the betterment of the Village. Visitors, and residents alike, savor the community’s heritage, and newcomers as well as founding families are committed to preserving Greendale’s rich history and small town charm.  The links in this section will provide additional information about the community of Greendale."

I would pose for consideration that whoever wrote this, got it right...we value business, a quality of life, HIGHLY RATED SCHOOLS, and savor our community's heritage.  And what we've seen in recent years is a departure from this.  I, for one, believe that we can learn from our mistakes, build on our successes, and plan for even greater things ahead...but at the bedrock of it all, are our children.  If they are brought up only to complain about the world around them, rather than asking how they can help improve on what they've been given, then we've lost what makes our Village truly special!  Let's focus on teaching our children "HOW TO THINK and NOT WHAT TO THINK."  It's this time-honored and proven approach that will keep Greendale and surrounding areas great for generations to come!

-Rob K.