Why Choose Rob K.


I am not a career politician or activist.  I am, however, a concerned parent and citizen who has one child currently in Greendale Schools (GSD) and another that will be, next year.  I will bring the perspectives of a parent, a husband (married to a "Greendale girl") and citizen to a GSD school board seat.


I'm not an "academic."  I know that we live in a "real world," not a "theoretical" one.  Moreover I understand that our children need reasoning and critical thinking skills that will allow them to not only succeed in higher educational pursuits, but ultimately in a competitive professional environment; and it all starts with "foundational" learning.


I believe that all opinions should be heard, but that ultimately decisions must be made in the "best interest" of the children, not adults' political and or activist ideologies.  It's completely about the students and the quality of education that they are receiving.


I understand that it takes solid and continual communication between the board, parents, local authorities, school administrators and the students themselves for us to achieve the level of education and learning that we all want for the next generation(s) of Greendale students.


My job is focused on security in the workplace (The Noble Group), so in this age of risk and uncertainty, safety is always on my mind.  I will always advocate for and/all risk mitigation protocols that can keep our students, teachers, administrators and parents safe.