Because Common Sense Counts.

The term "Common Sense" seems to almost be a taboo in today's world; when it's that very trait that helped to make our country the greatest on earth.  Americans throughout history, no matter where they originally hailed from, were known for pragmatism, the ability to solve complex problems, and indeed, "common sense."  However, in today's world we have seemingly lost sight of the simple, straight-forward, and important approaches that today's challenges require.   My name is Rob Kobleska, and I'm dedicated to bringing "common sense" back to the Greendale School Board. 


About Rob

...Fast forward to today, where our family has grown with the addition of our youngest daughter, Anna.  We also have two nephews (Ezra and Beckett) who will attend Greendale Public Schools.  Beyond that, we have made life-long friendships with many Greendale parents and residents; it’s with all of them in mind that I decided to run for Greendale School Board.  


I invite you to get to know me as a "Common Sense" Candidate by perusing my website, following my campaign page on Facebook, emailing me, calling me, or stopping me in The Village to chat.  You can also find me at The Library, where I serve as Vice President of The Library Board.


My campaign platform (why I’m running and what I hope to bring to the School Board Table) will be easy to locate online or via my campaign literature, but my goal is to meet as many voters in Greendale as humanly possible  - so that I can bring your concerns and your voice - to the table in April 2022.   It just makes common sense, that win or lose, I’ve spent my campaign time getting to know my neighbors and learning how I can donate my time and talent to a community where I would be honored to serve.  

Why Common Sense Matters More Than Ever...

OUR CHILDREN NEED US...they need us to be pragmatic, to be thoughtful, and to offer solutions that will enable them to think critically, to solve current and future problems, and to help build a better world than the one that we are leaving them.  Foundationally, this starts at home, with the parents, but is reinforced and honed via their scholastic environment and accompanying curriculum!


I invite you to journey with me as I seek to re-focus on "common sense" approaches regarding 

today's educational pursuits; to help our children prepare for what looks to be an uncertain tomorrow.  But as we all know, our children's "tomorrows" are built upon the foundation of our history as a diverse mix of people and as a single nation. A history that Winston Churchill wisely suggested that all people learn from, so they are not doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. A history that isn't discarded with the tearing down of monuments and statues, or through the ad hoc denial of established facts, but rather, a historical narrative that embraces all that is/was both good and bad in our country....viewed through an "honest" lens; not driven by politics, power or agendas.  A history where nobody was perfect, but that through critical observation and open discourse, our children can benefit, thus being far closer to achieving that lofty goal of perfection than we ever were.  And the constant thread throughout history is that "common sense" ALWAYS leads to the best, most equitable and honest outcomes.  It's my contention that in order to make our children's tomorrow brighter, we need more common sense today...not just for ourselves, but as an example for them.

Ready to Volunteer for "Common Sense Solutions?"

Click below to help Rob foster an environment of "common sense" approaches for our children's futures!  They deserve it, and Rob can't do it alone!